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Collection Lawyers of Alabama

Alabama collection attorneys, and agencies, are available in Alabama for those times when people simply do not have the intention of fulfilling their financial obligations to you.  People don’t seem to realize, or care, how defaulting on their debt can impact you personally and that is what collection agencies are for.  However, debt lawyers can be much more aggressive if it really gets down to it.

If delinquency continues after numerous letters, emails and phone call which are to no avail then something more impactful must be done.  If you do nothing then the likelihood of your money being permanently lost increases rapidly.  A professional can handle the situation in as amicable way as possible while still getting the results you need.  No response from your debtor?  Then it is time to call in the Generals to find a resolution to this conflict.  Let your debt collection attorney manage your case or cases and often on contingency.

The debt collection process used by attorneys

Formally requesting the services of your lawyer is the first step in taking the action required to resolve your case.  You will be presented with a formal agreement regarding what you can expect and the payment terms.  Often, if you have a solid case, most legal counsel will accept you as a client on a contingency basis, which means you pay nothing until they collect.

Once the agreement has been signed, your attorney will contact your debtor via all means possible – mail, email and phone.  He will issue a deadline date by which they must respond, and if necessary he will let them know that you intend to take them to court if they refuse to respond and/or cooperate.  He will let them know that they can avoid the embarrassment of being called out in court by a judge when they know full well that yours is a legitimate claim.  The cost of court, legal etc will only be added to the size of their debt.  The other option, of course, is to cooperate.

Most of the time, this first step is enough to cause the debtor to at very least agree to a payment schedule as most people really don’t want to end up in court over this mundane issue.  This threat of being called out publicly is usually more than enough for people to consider paying the money that they owe.  This simple direct communication from your ‘collections team’ will generally result in full repayment.

When being confronted with the reality that they will have to get up and explain to a judge why they refuse to repay a legitimate debt, to repay money they agreed to repay, is generally enough for a person to simply acknowledge that really should just repay the debt.  You can get just any attorney to write these letters but in truth finding a reliable attorney who you can establish a relationship with is well worth any extra cost involved.  You want an attorney who understands you, is a team player and is going to see the process all the way through.

Finding a solid debt collecting attorney in Alabama

A top way of establishing a new professional relationship is through word of mouth referals from people you know.  Asking trusted relatives, friends and co-workers can be a great source.  If someone you know loved their attorney then they are worth talking to.  However, you should find someone who specializes in debt collection in Alabama otherwise you may be dealing with someone who has a great pitch but who has to relearn the process that experts in this area already know.  Make this painless by finding the specialists.

You can search online for trusted listings of Alabama collection attorneys which will help build a list.  Once you have narrowed it down to your specific region you can generally make calls to 2-3 lawyers and determine which has the best personality and pricing structure for your needs.  One such source can be found here: or you can source other online directories.

Should you go with debt collection agency or utilize a collection attorney?

When considering using a collection agency vs a debt lawyer you many want to consider a few things.  An agency will be cheaper, and they may be successful, however, they are unable to take the debtor to court as your attorney will be.  If it appears to be a really difficult situation the legal route may save you time and hassle.

Your attorney can enforce the terms of your agreement and that is the bottom line.  Best wishes in resolving your dispute!

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